what a weekend!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inboardgheenoeguy, Nov 19, 2007.

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    well after pre fishing for the last 3 weekend it finally happend. After the leaving the Temple of Pugar heading toward fernandina beach. The customgheenoe.com offical tow vehical acted like it popped out of gear doing the speed limit on I-95 I had clutch and tranny gears but no drive shaft turning. Tryied 4 low and gimped the jeep of the interstate. Made a call to a friend to put up the back up customgheenoe.com tow vehical and meet me at SR-16 in st. augustine. 5 hours pasted and we ditched the jeep and headed to fernanmdina. My fishing partner meet us a 5 am and took the boat and my friend out for a day of fishing.

    So i went to u haul for a tow dolly flatted the front tires so it would fit and hauled azz back to zephyrhills to drop it of at the house. Got in the work van and back to fernandina beach by 9 pm. Met the guys at the bar and heard the stories of the 27 reds that were caught out of my boat when i wasnt there. 2 other teams were prefishing the same area and verified the fish caught in the LT 25. Got up at the crack of Dawn and went fishing. didnt catch squat all day but 1 red 17" 1 flounder 12" 1 trout 21" and 1 trout 8". Also i have been having problems with the live well up pick up water and it finally burned up. Hmmmmmmm lets add it up

    1 trasfer case $1250

    gas $250

    motel room $150

    Tow dolly $ 140

    boat gas $ 50

    beer tab $175

    Man what a weekend !

    Grand total $ 2050

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    quit yer crying. did you fish?

    k then it was worth it.

    $175 beer tab? sissy :thumbdown:

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    You forgot "This Story" - "Priceless" ;D ;D

    That's why tourney guys have sponsors. ;) The average schmuck like me can't afford to fish. ::)
  4. inboardgheenoeguy

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    thats 175 in 5 hrs and i was the only one drinking! [smiley=eyepopping.gif]
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    boggob Beer me.

    Sounds about like my luck, although I haven't dropped that much cash in such a short amount of time.