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    I purchased this Wenzel skiff from a forum member a few months ago. I still have 4 months until I can purchase a tohatsu 20hp. So for now all I can do is sit in it in the yard and make revving motor noises.
    I'm also brainstorming some modifications and I have a few questions. The rear bench goes all the way to the transom and has no hatches or storage whatsoever. Not even for a fuel tank.   My worry is that when I remove the existing bench will I have areas were the false floor doesn't extend under the bench?    Once removed I want to replace the bench seat with a simple board bench leaving everything underneath the bench wide open. What type/thickness of board should I use? I'm 250lbs. I hope to be able to put my fuel tank In the middle and two Rubbermaid bins on both sides for dry storage
    Here is a pic of the rear bench currently
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    That rear deck/thwart is a hull frame needed for structural rigidity
    and a buoyancy chamber in case the hull is flooded. I wouldn't remove it.

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    My three gallon tank fit in that open area near the transom great. I never used any where near three gallons in a entire day of fishing with my old 15hp.

    The front of that boat has a opening where I used to store the anchor but I think you could open it up and put a hatch there for more storage. You could also put some hatches in the rear bench also. You would lose some flotation but should keep the boat structurally sound.

    I miss my Wenzel and am thinking of naming my new boat the W2 (Wenzel 2). That boat is famous in my group of friends.

    I love the Wingmaster.
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    Good to know! I've been wanting to build a deck flush with the top edge in the front and cut/grind out the middle bench like most people do with skiffs like this and ill have tons of room for stuff underneath it. I still hAvnt taken it on the water yet so I guess I'll see how she rides first and then make decisions.
    Glad you like the shotgun. Your ready for anything with that bad boy