Well here's a snapshot of America's thoughts on ILLEGAL immigration

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Vote here: http://world-news.newsvine.com/_question/2010/05/13/4274124-do-you-support-arizonas-tough-new-law-on-illegal-immigration?chromedomain=msnbc

    And be sure to look at the results when finished. Looks like we may have more laws like it coming down the pike. Interesting that when people are allowed to vote blindly the figures come out like they do. Shows a lot of people have feelings about the subject, but nobody wants to be "politically incorrect" in public...


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  3. TomFL

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    Man, did you see the landslide of votes in support! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know other states are watching.

    Let's get that ball rolling in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Haha! Awesome...
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    Total of 1,348,221 votes, 96% in favor of it.

    Even more suprising than that is that this is MSNBC, the nut-cases of the media in the first place!

    The fact that politicians are still fighting this shows plainly that they are working against teh will of the people who elected them.

    Take note in November, get rid of them. If theres a few good ones that get washed out with the filth, so be it. Let's take OUR country back!
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    Next time the subject of illegal immigration comes up ask your liberal "friend": Why do I have to obey the law and the Mexicans don't in this country? Watch the look in their face!
  7. cutrunner

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    thats a landslide. and about time this country is waking up. has anyone ever read mexicos illegal immigration laws? now thats what we outta do here. instant felony charge followed by one year in prison then deportation. but yet we gotta hold their hand. BS. :mad:
  8. out-cast

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    Voted. I hope they send ALL the swamp apes back to Alaska!! [smiley=sasquatch.gif]
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    watch it--- I  can feel a global censor circling