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Wekiva Marina Party 11/28

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Wekiva Marina recently changed hands. The new owners are great. They are making a bunch of changes including fixing up the rental canoes and buying new ones, staying open late on Friday and Saturday nights. installing a big beer garden tent, fixing the bathrooms, and more.

This Friday, 11/28 will be the first night they are open late. By late I mean midnight or later. The bar (they have a beer and wine license) will be well stocked and prices are cheap. $2 a beer. Many of the Wekiva regulars will be out there for the Friday night festivities. It would cool to see a few more forum members show up. I have permission to crash on the property if we have a few too many wobbly pops. So throw your tent in the trunk and plan on fishing in the morning too.
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We could have a little fishing tournament Friday evening too. Only problem is Bigfish will want to use live bait ;D
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