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Responsible for maintaining and enhancing online products, overseeing maintenance and the continuous development of new and existing web sites, including coordinating with cross-department teams to ensure alignment of online development efforts with business requirements.

* Responsible for the development of custom web coding for new and existing company websites, landing pages, e-mail marketing campaigns and web production and content production support.

* Maintenance and updating of existing company websites, landing pages, and e-mail marketing campaigns.

* Collaborates with various departments (design, application development, IT, marketing, and Editorial) to define and enforce appropriate standards in user experience, brand expression, coding, and quality assurance.

* Creates optimized graphics for websites and web promotions, directly supporting projects with high to medium complexity, scale or impact.

* Creates and maintains interactive, database driven back-end programs.

* Administration and maintenance of electronic shopping carts.

* Works with outside hosting companies for maintenance and changes.

* Troubleshoots issues with existing systems and works with appropriate resources to resolve them.

1. Degree with minimum 3 years of experience developing and designing rich media websites 2. Must have extensive knowledge of and experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Adobe Photoshop required.

3. Must have working knowledge of ASP, .Net, Adobe Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver and experience working with Wordpress a plus.

4. Demonstrated experience in internet security and E-commerce.

5. Demonstrated experience in working with COM, Visual Basic, VB.NET, SQL, etc. (2+ years) 6. Must possess in-depth knowledge of web development and design theory, processes, and practice

7. Must have strong analytical and problem solving skills

8. Able to work independently and meet strict deadlines

E-mail [email protected], make sure you let me know you're applying so I can tell HR your name.
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