"Weaponized Mosquitos"

Discussion in 'Environment' started by yobata, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Hmmm the gov in control of something else. In light of their Sterling record on everything else, what could possibly go wrong?
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    I expected this to be a thread about someone mounting guns on their Beavertail.. You've let me down..
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    I think this is a private company doing the work, although it is with the government's approval...

    I too am scared of genetically modifying animals, but they say it has been done successfully in other countries.

    I do like not dealing with mosquitos however! :)
  5. Smackdaddy53

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    Sounds like some of the other issues we face decades after humans try to “fix” mother nature. There’s a list of invasive species that are destroying habitat and food chains because humans thought they wound play God. Hopefully there are no ill after effects from this.
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  6. j102

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    It’s definitely scary. Every time we play with nature, it fights back.
    That’s how The Walking Dead started. :cool:
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    This can't possibly be a good idea...
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    I think they did this down in the keys a few years ago as a test site. I was skeptical and thought it was a bad idea but I think it worked well.

    Havnt heard much about zika recently.
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    On the other hand I do know someone who refuses to visit florida because he is trying to have children and supposedly zika can cause infertility. True story.
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    Every time we play with mother nature things go south. I thought those pesky bastards keep all the juvenile fish fed?
  11. LowHydrogen

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    I almost went on a decommissioning project at Anniston Arsenal several years back, paying out the wazoo, but after I heard the scope of work, I had to pass. I really lack confidence in the Govt, esp in high consequence scenarios.
  12. Flat Mad

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    Love bugs were an attempt to alter mosquitos so was the blind mosquitos what could go wrong....Will just found out blind mosquitos are some kind of midge so scratch that one off.
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  13. yobata

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    As a UF grad I have heard that story about love bugs, but it's just FSU propaganda! ;)

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  14. DuckNut

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    Aids was going to kill everyone.
    Ebola virus was killing everyone.

    People still live after aids. Ebola seems to have calmed down. Zika has been quiet for a while now as well.

    So now we want to kill off the mosquito population. I think there might be some food chains affected by this and don't feel it would have a positive outcome.

    Just sounds like a bad idea. Besides, if you kill off the mosquitoes, there will be other people fishing where there were once none.
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  15. Cam

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    Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animal in the world and there isn't even a close second. They will also grow in population as the world warms. We already dump tons of poison in the air to control the mosquito population but they are becoming more and more resilient to that approach. Finding new ways to control their population will save thousands of people if not millions worldwide. Besides we have been engineering animals and plants for thousands of years with great success.

    Zika and West Nile are still a thing despite being very low risk. Even Malaria is still an issue in the states just a very very low risk one. As for the other diseases mentioned, thousands die every year of AIDS and infection rates have effectively leveled off meaning that the death rate will likely be sustained for years to come.
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  16. WhiteDog70810

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    Damn, anti-intellectualism pisses me off. Why is everyone conditioned to be scared of science? Has a GMO taken over the world while I wasn't looking? Hewhocannotbenamed may look weird, but he is the result of plain old thoughtless sex and spray tanning, so don't blame the scientists. This may sound crazy, but the US government is really damn good at public health stuff, hence the reason the vast majority of us survive childhood and live long enough to die of heart disease and cancer. However, this isn't a government program. The EPA is allowing a private company to market its product in certain states. They apparently successfully tried it on Stock Island in the Keys, but no further use in Florida is approved yet based on this article. No state on the Gulf coast is on the list. It sounds like they want to field it where the population of Aedes aegypti is fragmented before they get too ambitious. Large, genetically diverse, unfragmented populations adapt quicker and might limit this approach's effectiveness.

    The bacteria in question is common in other species of mosquitos, just not Aedes aegypti. Aedes aegypti is the vector for yellow fever, dengue and Zika and is particularly good at living around and feeding on people. If we reduce their numbers in target areas without pesticides, it could be a very good thing. It is also an African species that spread throughout the tropical and subtropical world in the bad old days, so we can kill the little bastards without mercy here. This a targeted product from what I am reading and is very similar to the incredibly successful program of using irradiation to sterilize male screw worm flys and then release them in the environment. Trust me, even if this approach miraculously destroys every A. aegypti mosquito in the US, there will be plenty of native 'Murican mosquitos left to bite you in the marsh.

  17. yobata

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    I was sitting in a blind last Saturday and the mosquitos found their way under my pant legs. Now I have poka-dots all over my calves and ankles. Kill them all! ;)
  18. lemaymiami

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    I well remember the organized resistance to almost every effort to control mosquitoes down here (south Florida) by folks who are basically not inclined to consider the history of mosquito born diseases not only here but around the world... Absent early mosquito control efforts, Florida as we know it would never have occurred (one hundred years ago yellow fever and malaria were a problem here...).

    Of all the possible ways to control a mosquito population, introducing modified mosquitoes (either sterile ones, or ones carrying a bug that greatly reduces their ability to reproduce...) is by far the least damaging to the environment... In a world where a disease can be introduced to a totally vulnerable population by simply having an infected individual who has not shown symptoms get on an airplane and bring something really nasty our way, something we'd not be able to control until great loss of life had already occurred.... Controlling mosquitoes, one of the main ways that diseases in the tropics are spread (right after sex...), is a pretty good idea.

    Yes, I'm pretty much a walking mosquito target since I've worked in the 'Glades for quite a few years so I have an interest in the topic. Yes, there's no such thing as something good that doesn't have drawbacks - so it's up to us (we're the government in that sense...) to keep a close watch on these kind of efforts and make sure our elected (or appointed) officials do the same - and act if problems occur.

    We'll never wipe out mosquitoes - not even one sub-specie... but keeping their population to a manageable level - that is not only do-able, but it would have significant health benefits -particularly for folks living in poor circumstances - or foolish enough to come to places like the Keys or the 'Glades.... I'm all for it.
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  19. No Bait / Lures Only

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    They are thick here in South Mississippi and Louisiana as well....
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    Worst place I have ever been being devoured by skeeters was by an Ohio corn field back in the 70s.
    Most skeeters don't bite me but if they do they usually change their brand of BEER to MILLER
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