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Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by devinmurray99, Jan 18, 2011.

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    I am in the process of installing a new jack plate and I have concerns about sufficient cooling if I jack the plate too high.  I know how to watch the tach. as well as listen/feel for slight cavitation but I'd just don't feel I can be too safe.

    Anyhow after a little research I figured before I put the tools away, I'd get a water temp. guage and sender for my 50 Merc (50ELPTO).  I can find Teleflex guages and sending units for V-6 motors everywhere but nothing made specifically for my 3cyl. 

    Does anyone else have experience in what I'm trying to do and/or know how and where to find/install/rig a sending unit?

  2. Brett

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    Instead of the temperature gauge, install a water pressure gauge.
    Much more useful when dealing with a jackplate.
    Easier to install also, nothing electrical at the outboard.
    Just a tee spliced into the visual discharge tube.

    If you really want to install a temp gauge
    here's installation instructions


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    x2 on that water pressure guage... I won't rig a skiff without one..... You'll get a much better warning watching your water pressure than waiting until things begin to heat up (damage probably already occurring by the time motors begin to overheat...).
  4. devinmurray99

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    I found a kit by teleflex on closeout for $39 so I'm going to run with it. Thanks for the help guys.