Water quality in the IRL

Discussion in 'Environment' started by Flat Mad, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Well it sounds like there is no justification for even thinking about moving to Florida. That would just add to the problem of way too many people in an area that cannot really support the load. Considering a move to Costa Rica or maybe Panama and ditching the US completely.
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    23 years ago I saved a special section from the Florida Today. It was several pages addressing the state of our lagoon AND beach water. Our county commissioners have known about this problem and done zero about it.

    About the beaches...the same section addressed the famous brown waves of Cocoa Beach. Most of the state has nice clean beach water but every time the wind kicks up it turns murky in central Brevard. Why? Port dredging. The constant dredging to keep the channel deep for cruise ships ( and more recently widening ) results in tons of muck being dumped 2-3 miles right out front of Cocoa Beach. Cheapest and easiest place to dump it.

    Sadly I have to agree with flat mad, things will not get better only worse. I'm 63 and grew up in west Orange Co. before Disney reared it's ugly head. I disowned Orlando in 1980 shortly after getting out of the Army and moved to Cocoa Beach and 1983 to Merritt Island. I have seen Florida at it's best and deteriorate to sadly it's worse. But such is the growing condition of the whole earth. Man is the only animal on this planet that destroys the house in which he lives.