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    So my 99 Johnson stoped pumping water. I took the foot off and replaced the impeller, housing, and all the gaskets/Orings. There was no indication that anything was wrong with the old impeller. I did notice that the washer at the top of the water pick up tube was trashed, so I replaced it also. I put it all back together and still nothing. So I replaced the thermostat and all associated gaskets with that, put it back together and and now I am getting drips of water but no real stream. Is there something I am missing? Thanks
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    Have you tried running weedeater line into the pee tube?

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    Tried running the line down without the lower unit in place? Pick up passage is clear?
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    Things that can go wrong in the cooling system...

    Old impeller-tips worn off, no longer seals to housing
    Bad impeller, the brass core has separated from the neoprene blades
    O-ring pinched, allows leakage
    Impeller to driveshaft key missing
    Missing/split gasket
    Blocked intake screen
    Warped impeller housing/base plate, impeller housing not seated to base plate
    Driveshaft seals cracked or pinched
    Water tube seals cracked or pinched
    Upper water tube seal missing, pinched or cracked
    Bent/damaged water tube
    Corrosion in the water jacket
    Debris in the water jacket (silt deposits, vegetation, pieces of gaskets or seals)
    Exhaust leaks into the water jacket
    Blocked or malfunctioning bypass valves/poppets
    Thermostat malfunction/blockage/corrosion
    Improper fuel/oil mix in 2 stroke engines
    Improper ignition timing

    I've had to deal with all of these problems at least once
    either on my own engines or a friends.
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    try to crank the motor without the thermostat in the motor and leave the thermostat cover off , if it pumps water to the top of the motor and out the thermostat housing then you have good h20 flow , if not the problem is in the lower unit or pick up tube
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    Thanks everyone. I will give some of these a shot and report back.

    What is the idea behind how the fuel mixture affects the water flow? I did notice there is quite a bit of oil in my engine cowling. and leaking out of the foot (not foot oil, just changed it, it was full and had good color (not milky). Please see the attached post from before.

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    Fuel mix doesn't change water flow,
    but can make an engine run hotter than desired.
    An oil lean mix causes friction,
    makes the engine work harder, run hotter.
    Leads to early parts failure.

    Oil under the cowling?
    Somethings leaking.