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  1. Fuzzy_Bruce

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    Looks like I'll be in the market for a microskiff sometime near the end of next month! Looking for something that will cruise at 20+mph and drift/pole the flats of Flamingo with an occasional trip to the 'goon and Choko. Prefer to get something equipt, trailer pole, lights, mojo is a plus, ready to fish, not a fixer-upper.

    Mostly one but sometime two fishing. Functional, not fancy. Prefer SE Florida seller. Gotta be able to trailer behind an older Wrangler fourbanger.

    My kayak fishing buddies will dis-own me, but, I'll get to fish areas of Flamingo that they or I can't paddle to in a day ;) Maybe I'll tow them (or my yak) for awhile.

    Please keep me in mind (PM's are OK) if you are selling your micro in the next month or two.
  2. tom_in_orl

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    Go register on the forum and check out this one:

    MikeMV's 2007 LT15/rated for 25HP

    This is the newest and baddest boat for sale at the moment and its in your area.

  3. Fuzzy_Bruce

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    Thanks Tom and others who pm'd me. I'm still doing my homework on what I want. That LT15 sure looks sweet! I'm looking for something that size.

    The Modest Fisherman is just about a perfect fit, I just can't get a boat untill I get some other things taken care of first. I get my pants back after a long list of honeydo's are taken care of on the home ;D

    Starting to look like a gheenoe is the way to go. Hope as it gets further into the summer season, some used 'noes will still be available.

    The wind is still kickin at around 15 with gusts well above that so the yak is staying in the barn.
  4. captnron

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    Who needs pants? - Fish naked.  Then you will definately fish alone. ;D ;D ;D