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Was Jonesing Bad - Had To Go

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Like the title says.... been way too long, sold my last boat (#3 of 3 starting in September) in November. My buddy is out of town working, and my new boat isn't ready yet. Well it came to a head today, "desperate times require desperate measures". My bride has been telling me I'm grouchy and I need to go fishing, so last weekend I drug out the kayak that hasn't been touched since Hurricane Harvey. After a little TLC (and a little Macgyvering), she was sea worthy again. Good thing the kayak didn't float away during Harvey, I'd've been SOL, and still grouchy.

Had a really funky little breeze today, didn't know whether it wanted to blow from the N or the S, but it was gonna have plenty of E in it. I took a chance and bet on it going SE and sure enough it went ENE. By this time I was committed so I splashed the kayak and set out on the 45 min paddle to an area I like to fish Galveston Bay this time of year. The tide was ripping in which was good for the paddle out and the bite, not so good for the paddle in.......

I was able to get into an area that offered a little protection in a cove and stuffed the kayak so I could get in and get my wade started. Reading the water was not terribly encouraging, water was sandy with about 10" of visibility. Usually I want to see some bait in the area, there was nothing moving except the tide. At this point I'm thinking well even if I can't get a bite going, I'm sure glad to be breathing some salty air and soaking my bones in it, it's been a while.

Second cast, a 2.5# trout put on a clinic for the classic THUMP of the slow winter time sub-surface bite. It was on, the next cast I hooked up but pulled off on another nice trout. I don't chase redfish, they are usually a by-catch while I am hunting trout. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful fish but big trout is the prey I stalk. I didn't catch any BIG trout today, but in an hour and a half I caught and RELEASED 5 decent trout and the biggest redfish I believe I have ever caught inshore on light tackle. I didn't have a tape on me, but I measured the reference points on my kayak when I got home. I believe she was approx. 38". The boga I had was a 15#, so it was no help.

The fog was setting in and of course the wind I was gonna be bucking was picking up. I got my fix, it was time to start the hour paddle back to the truck. I hated to pull off of 'em but It was time to call it. Ain't no fun being lost in the fog and the dark in a kayak, been there.

Like Kid Rock says "Don't pick it up if you can't put it down." Well I shoulda never picked it up........but at least I'll be a little easier to live with, I just feel better now!
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