Warning RNC will close TAMPA Waterways !!!

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    TAMPA -- There will be many road closures when the Republican National Convention begins next month.

    But the closures also extend to downtown Tampa's waterways.

    Any boaters planning to cruise near downtown Tampa during the Aug. 27-30 convention will have to be prepared to be either turned away or have their boat thoroughly inspected by law enforcement.

    "We will close the waterways two hours before and two hours after the convention meets,'' said Coast Guard Petty Ofc. 1st Class Judy Silverstein.

    The Coast Guard has established a 'federal security zone' on the water near the Tampa Convention Center and the Tampa Bay Times Forum. The zone will be in effect from Aug. 25-31.

    Among the areas affected by the closures are the Seddon, Sparkman, Garrison channels.

    There is an exclusion zone in the Garrison Channel. Boat traffic is prohibited in that area and boats docked there will have to remain there until Aug. 31.

    "You can't move your boat and there will be no movement in or out,'' Silverstein said. "And we are working with the marina to make sure everyone is aware of that.''

    Boaters will be allowed to travel in the Seddon Channel up to the Hillsborough River when the RNC is not in session but those boats will be inspected.

    Officials said the commercial traffic from the port and cruise ships will not be affected.
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