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WANTED: Looking to buy a AMBUSH 13ft micro skiff (Made by Beavertail and/or Pelican Flat boats)
LOCATION: i can pick it up anywhere close to interstate 95 (in Late Nov or early Dec 2018 as I head to FLA) (pick-up range = between Richmond, VA and Miami FL = Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida along interstate 95 or close to Atlantic ocean)
1.) seen quite a few with 6hp engine + seat/handle bar + engine mount and TRAILER around $3200 to $3600 range (I am OK with this price range for the complete KIT = I'll selloff unneeded components).
2.) Ideally, I need just the boat, and $2000 to $2500 would seem fair (depending on optional equipment)
3.) OR , boat and engine for appox $2500 to $3000 would seem fair (depending on optional equipment)
I can be reached 4185719919


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