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Vinyl Cleaners

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What's everyone using to clean their white vinyl cushions ? I'm a cheap skate and hate having to pay triple the price of a cleaner just because it's in the marine section.
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I was told by the guy that re upholstered my boat that the only thing he ever uses on his personal boat is this stuff....

He said that something in most of the marine vinyl cleaners breaks down the UV inhibitors on most vinyls. His words, not mine, so take it with a grain of salt....I havent tried it yet. Its supposed to specifically be the bottle with the permanent marker removal on the decal. I found it at Lowes the other day if that helps.
I use Simple green for everything. Kind of like the Franks hot sauce saying goes. “I put that shlt on everything”.
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Recently purchased this Boat Juice for foam and vinyl, and I like it quite a bit.
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