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Meet the CANAL MASTER, AKA a vintage 13 foot lowsider Ghenooe. Through out her history and in the short time I’ve known her she has lived up to the Ghenoes legendary status as a a freshwater and back country fish catching machine. I purchased her a few years ago with the patina of many successful days on the water and with my upgrades she’s seen a few more battle scars of the adventures we’ve had. She’s mostly blue with a bit of grey. Each scrape is one is a lucky charm of days gone by and the big fish to come.

She’s at least 30 years old and under my watch has been reinforced in both the bow and transom for the next thirty years. Rather than be a trailer queen, she’s been rebuilt to catch fish with stealth and simplicity. Any time, Anywhere. No Ramp? No problem. Push her down the bank and jump in. Live on a Lake with no trailer storage? Its OK, she will tuck in on the side of your townhouse. Live in an apartment? Park her next to your motorcycle with space to spare.

If you want a boat to win a concours boat parade - this is not your boat. If you want a light stable boat for the NMZ, the canals that criss cross our waters and one you can push out of a flat bed and into that hidden lake you always heard about - this is your steed.

Here is what you get: - completely reinforced transom to drop about whatever motor you want on the back. - 2019 Suzuki 6hp 4-stroke. Will run reliably and quiet. Will not win track events at the olympics. - custom grab bar (with switch panel) and custom trolling motor mount. - bilge pump - nav lights - Minn Kota riptide trolling motor complete with custom bracket that will hold the motor, and a push pole . - brand new rod saver rod holders for storing your rods - trailer has been redone with new LED lights, wire harness, hubs, wheels, springs, winch, bunks, bunk brackets, guide posts, etc. (there is some light rust on the trailer but nothing a wire brush and some paint couldn’t cure. it is solid and safe. Frankly it was another character line in her history and I liked the way it looked. - new battery for electrical that will run everything all day. If you plan to slow troll shiners or cast the pads she will not let you down.

My wife and I recently relocated and I finally have room for my next dream - a project flats boat to fish the bay and near shore waters. Asking $3,500 as she sits. You can’t get on the water for less than this. DId you get all A’s on your report card - tell your mom its a safe socially distant activity for two.

If you see her you will drive her home.... but stop in your neighbors favorite Peacock spot first. Its no longer out of reach.

Can be emailed at [email protected].
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