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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by mark_gardner, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. mark_gardner

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    well i finally broke down and bought some wax from winn dickie a month ago for the bunks to help with launching my rig as i really dont want to dunk the trailer if i dont have too, first trip out i wax the bunks and notice a slight decrease in friction between the boat and bunks while winching it on but next trip out i go to slide the boat off and she's stuck to the trailer :eek: so i dunk it to get it off   :mad: upon arrival back to the dock i re apply another coat of wax then load my rig  :cool: today i hit the ramp and low and behold the frack'n boats stuck to the trailer again  [smiley=frustrate2.gif] so i dunk it  :mad: my question is..... is this gonna be the norm cause it totally defeats the reason i waxed my bunks in the first place  :-/
  2. Brett

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    That's a new one. I've never had that result on any of my boats.
    Even if the wax had adhered to the hull while sitting during the week
    the ride to the ramp is enough to shake loose before launching.
    I never submerge my trailers and one hand is enough to start the hull off.
    The more wax applied the easier it gets. Something weird is going on....


    If the carpet on the bunk has stretched or is loose,
    a fold may form and act as a catch at the transom.
    This ridge would act as a stop to keep the hull from moving.
    Submerging the trailer would lift the hull above the bump.

  3. firecat1981

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    operator error? are you sure it's parafin wax? I've never had my boat stuck with it.
  4. mark_gardner

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    f.c. the wax i used is the same exact wax you guys have peddled here for a while ;) gulf wax, parafin wax, for candle making etc :)...

    brett, the boat is pulled up on the bunks slightly passed the edge so your suggestion might be on target :) that and of course my hull has a few gouges and scrapes from the oyster bars so the wax may have embedded itself in said gouges and kinda holding it from slipping off. one things for sure,,,,,, i could push it off with a little grunt before the wax and now she needs to get wet to lift the hull slightly :( will see what happens tomorrow :cool:
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    I also tried it its been right at a month now and so far so good I need to put it on again but it has made a huge difference.
  6. mark_gardner

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    moseyed on out to the watering hole this morning and sure enough she's stuck to the trailer again :mad: this of course is without any adjustments to the trailer so while i had the boat in the water i moved the winch stand back enough so that the very back of the boat will hang just slightly over the edge of the bunk to keep it from hanging up on the lip of the carpet :) might have to plan an afternoon low tide run this week to see if that did the trick :cool:
  7. Gator_Bob

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    Look at the brightside.....if it is stuck to the trailer then you don't need straps to hold the boat down on the trailer when traveling.
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