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So I am trying to find out the best way to paint the hull of a 15ft skiff that is rigged and cant be flipped over. Should I try jacking the hull and sliding the trailer out from underneath it? I have room in my garage to do the painting and project and have an idea how to slide the boat off the trailer on to jackstands but want to hear from you guys first.

Although I am sure I know the answer to this but what are the chances of not removing the 217lb 60hp and trim tabs to paint?

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Did a bottom paint job on a 24' SeaBird years ago.
After borrowing a trailer, loading it at the ramp and towing it home
backed the trailer into the carport, blocked the trailer wheels
then disconnected from the vehicle. Lowered the tongue of the trailer
as far as possible, which raised the stern up. We blocked up
the stern so that when we cranked the tongue up the stern ended up
a few inches above the trailer. We cranked the tongue up as high as it
would go, then blocked under the bow using jackstands and a 4x6.
When we cranked the tongue back down the boat was about 3 inches off the trailer fore to aft.
Walked the trailer out from under the hull, added a few more supports
and we were ready to start the project. Note, no jackstands under the stern.
Chevy big block was too heavy. We used layers of 4x4 chunks
and a cross beam of 4x6 so the hull wouldn't shift.
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