Using Ethanol Free Gas

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by Frank_Sebastian, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Frank_Sebastian

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    Hi Everyone,

    We changed from the ethanol gas to the ethanol free several weeks ago. We all used the regular Sta-Bil gas stabilizer rather than the marine for ethanol gas kind. One of the guys mixed the no-ethanol gas with the ethanol enriched gas in a 6 gallon can. That caused a problem and the gas/oil has seperated and is cloudy. We were told by the station manager "not to mix the two fuels". As far as we can tell the engine is okay. It just wouldn't run with all of the water in the filter.

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    I hope your buddy's motor is ok.
    Did the ethanol free gas work as well as you remember? Where did you find it and for how much?

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    Shows you just how much junk is in the "new" gas we've all been forced to run.

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    i have heard your not supposed to mix the 2 together
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    Thanks for the heads up Frank!

    Wallbanger - Sailfish Marina & Pirates Cove (Stuart/Manatee Pocket) sell ethanol free gas.  They will fill up your boat tank either via water or if you drive it over & walk down to the gas dock.  $3.35 a gallon two weeks ago.
  6. Frank_Sebastian

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    We are paying $2.87/gal for 90 octane ethanol free. It is running great with the exception of the one tank and a 1992 25 HP Johnson. The engine seems fine now, thanks to the Raycor 10 micron filter.

    We buy it at the BP station at the corner of US1 and CR192 in Melbourne. Some call it New Haven Blvd and US1.

    I use about 6 or 8 gallons per week. Richard uses twice what I do and Johnnie is somewhere in between, but he runs an 18 HP 4 stroke Tohatsu. He also goes 3 times farther than we do. Richard and I are stuck in the last century with our 2 strokes. LOL

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