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    Hey guys, recently moved to upstate SC about eight miles from the NC border and am having a bit of culture shock as far as available water ways and fishing as opposed to southwest Florida. I have visited Lake Jocassee and Lake Keowee and it has been... less than fulfilling so to speak! I was wondering if any of y'all could point me in the direction of a river that's not shallow and strewn with boulders I can take the boat on, I know there is the Santee in SC but it's rather far. I'd be ok making a day trip out of going to any of the neighboring states of ga nc or tn. Any fishing advice is also appreciated as I have no idea how it's done here! Thanks in advance :)
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    You might consider the Saluda River south of Newberry. Some sections have some rocks, but many stretches do not. You do have to be careful about snags and logs in some areas, though.

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    Lake hartwell. Stripers should be starting to school up and chase bait.and the green bass hang under them. Lake burton has some good fishing.
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    If northwest of GSP, probably best to take up wading mountain streams fly fishing for trout. Some absolutely beautiful fishing opportunities in the mountains of SC and western NC. I fly fish a lot in Graham County, NC. Lots of great trout streams. Of course, local knowledge is everything.

    If you decide to go this route, best to get a guide first time or two out. Roger Lowe is from Waynesville, NC (went to high school with my wife). Very knowledgeable and an excellent guide. Even had his own fly shop for over 10 years in Waynesville. Scroll down to guides and info.

    Some of the very best fly fishing is in the Great Smokey Mountains NP north of Fontana Lake. Take a boat take across Fontana Lake, hike along the creek into Great Smokey Mountains NP, camping while fishing mountains streams. Hazel Creek is at the top of list! But equally great fishing along other creeks.

    Day trip...head east to the Black River and the Great or Little Pee Dee Rivers. No rocks, but lots of cypress knees you have to watch for.

    I went to school at Clemson and never did get the hang of fishing man-made lakes and down-stream rivers from same. But Lake Jocassee is a beautiful area!

    Not exactly what you asked for...but what I found to be the most enjoyable fishing the area offers.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks guys, really appreciate the local insight! I have heard from multiple sources that the trout fishing here is top notch, that being said I've never fly fished though I am not opposed to it. While lakes Jocassee and keowee are very pretty, they just did not do it for me. I'd definitely go back and camp on the islands for a weekend but that's about all the intrigue they hold for me, though Jocassee holds the state records for a number of different species of fish. I do definitely want to go to Hartwell and will look into Burton as well.

    SC Bill, from what relative little I've seen hiking in upstate SC and western NC I can certainly see how mountain stream fishing is king. I suppose I will have to expand my angling approach, which is not necessarily a negative thing.
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