Upgrading from Lowrance LMS-240

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by JMZ400, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. JMZ400

    JMZ400 Well-Known Member

    Ok I've read all the posts here and at THT about how bad early to mid 2000's Lowrance units can be so I realize this may seem moronic but here's my deal...

    While my boat was in storage mice chewed on my plugs exposing some of the wires. The plugs we're really dry rotted anyway but now the wires have worked their way out and left me dead. I wouldn't think twice about getting a new unit if my transducer wasn't a though hull and there was any room on the back of this 17T for a transom mount.

    My question is does anyone know what the newest Lowrance unit I could get to work with this grey plug transducer HS-WSX-25?

    I've searched through the Lowrance site and can compare many older models but finding one that works with the grey plug transducer and also the LGC-12W puck seems to be the biggest challenge, of course changing pucks is easy enough as long as plug is the same.

    Obviously I need to put on new plugs if I intend to keep this 240 and I'm willing to do that unless you guys have a better idea. Thanks!
  2. jmrodandgun

    jmrodandgun Well-Known Member

    Why are you married to the old transducer?

  3. JMZ400

    JMZ400 Well-Known Member

    I guess because it's literally through the bottom of my boat and since it's functional (minus the plug) it would be easier to find something compatible? I said in my post my thinking is moronic lol

    Ok I just watched a YouTube vid on thru hull install. Not as bad as I thought. I'd still like to know if anyone has an easy swap out solution though.
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  4. JMZ400

    JMZ400 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I should have gotten to know my boat a little better before posting. Today I determined the LMS is officially done... Won't even reset.

    So I remembered there was an access port in the rear compartment floor that appeared to be the transducer access. Sure enough here is what I found...
    IMG_20170810_190706.jpg IMG_20170810_190743.jpg

    Turns out the thru-hull isn't even the unit I've been using as indicated by the cut wire. Instead the glued in unit is labeled model HST-WSX.

    Good news is this officially "divorces" me from the ancient technology, although I really only used it for the GPS. If you have something used but in functional shape with a 5" or larger screen let me know.
  5. Egrets Landing

    Egrets Landing Well-Known Member

    I would tear all of that out and start completely over with a new transducer and new unit. Totally not worth trying to work with any of what you have on there. All of it is way outdated and in poor condition. Just asking for trouble trying salvage really dated electronics.
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