Underwater dock lights

Discussion in 'Power it up with Electronics' started by jeff_erickson, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. jeff_erickson

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    I am wondering if anyone knows what underwater dock lights are better than others, as prices are cheap to expensive. Green?
  2. Brett

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    Never had an underwater light.
    Just a yellow bug light so no one tripped on the dock.
    Minnows still showed up to feed after dark
    and the predators would show up for the minnows.


  3. firecat1981

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    Do you mean a permanent dock light, or a portable 12v fishing light?
  4. ethan.weber

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    my neighbors have underwater light from greenmonsterfishinglight.com and personally i would not recommend them. both of my neighbors have had issues of only one of the two lights working at a time. the lights look great and attract fish but just seem to unreliable to me. i would look at a different company. deepglow.com looks to have a very good light but i have personally not tried or seen them. as for price most of the upper end permanent lights most cost around $350.
  5. chew

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    if any one in your area build custom neon signs..... you can always go down and have them build you a couple straight tubes with the elements on top incased in clear acrilic tubes that are submersable........ burn time is about 4-5 years about 8-10 hours a day..... and fairly cheap. or go find someone that builds pools and by a couple of there pool lights....... plug-n-play application?