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    I started a thread a little while back about fixing a crack in the keel of a river hawk. Well I finally removed the front bench seat and too my surprise, the false floor stopped on each side of the bench. So luckily I have easy access to the crack from the inside out. For this repair I looked at the uscomposites website. Should I order the 635 thin epoxy resin with medium hardner, and 7 1/2 oz e glass fiberglass cloth? I want the repair to be as strong as possible. Thanks.
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    without seeing the p[roduct you're working on,this is gonna be a little tough...

    that matting,it's not a really a matting i've usedbefore...

    normally,when repairing cracks,the cracked area is ground into a dish shape,tapering out towards the surrounding areas - both sides of the hull - inside and out,if the hull's thin,it may be best to grind the crack to the point the surrounding area's actually open -tape a piece of gloss formica,to either the inside,or the outside,lay up the matting,till it's higher than the surrounding area - let it kick,peel off the formica,grind it on the other side,and lay up matting the same way - grind both sides down to the same height as the surrounding areas...