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Tying with Deer Hair

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I’ve been tying for a few years now, but my spun deer hair heads never seem to come out right. Any tips on how to pack it tighter?
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If you want tight deer hair you should be stacking and packing, not spinning.

Pat Cohen as mentioned earlier can explain some of the better techniques.

You also need a heavy duty packer, Cohen makes an excellent one called the fugly packer, but these tools can be made at home with little effort. I've made small packers but bought a large one of his because it was quicker and easier.

X2 on GSP is a must, also you need a quality vise, you don't want the hook shifting around with the pressure you'll be needing to apply to pack the hair up the shank to get it right.

Happy Tying, good luck.
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^ That's what I was thinking. ^

The super tight deer hair flies look great and all, but I would go with function over form on this one. Sometimes a super tight head is not needed or even wanted based on the desired performance of the fly. Then again, sometimes it is.
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