Two Dolphins Dory/Tender.

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    This Beautiful hand made Mahogany and Cedar Dory was built by Two Dolphins LLC, completed this year. It's classic rocker lines, high bow and self-bailing hull make it a perfect tow-able tender for your sloop or trawler. Two Dolphins will be happy to outfit a variety of custom seating, oarlocks, tow line attachment eyes, or anything else you could imagine!

    LOA: 15' 11"
    Beam: 4'
    Max. Power: 15hp

    Two Dolphins LLC
    Lew Barnes - Owner
    (904) 392-1367
    6921 Richards Pl
    Saint Augustine, FL 32080
    Asking price of $2000

    Our apologies, these pictures were taken during the build and shortly after the maiden voyage, more pictures coming soon!