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    Hey, I am just about sick of being dependent on "Christmas Funds" and would like to change that. My overall goal is to be in the environmental studies field or a charter captain. So I am dedicated with grades and also a wrestler... needless to say time isn't very common especially when all I try to do is fish. I was hoping to find a job for weekends and try to work nearly everyday in the summer. I live in Riverview/Apollo Beach so I'm hoping to make it as a deck hand or even just helping out at a marina. Any type of advise you guys could give me would be very much appreciated as I could use all of it! Tight lines and enjoy the winter bite, I know I am ;)
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    Get in touch with some local captains and pick their brains about career potential and offer your services. Working as a deck hand would be a great way to build your sea time so you can get your license as soon as possible.
    Finding a career once you get in the big kid world is largely about networking. It's best to start that as soon as you can. Even if you run across a guy who is a complete a-hole, don't burn bridges, just avoid them.

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    You would be better off registering for an ACT/SAT prep course and spending the entire summer taking practice tests. Think about it like this. The $5,000 you won't make this summer deck handing will be "invested". in your future and will turn into an extra $40,000 scholarship. Depending on the degree you get, the school you get it from and the people you meet your $5000 investment will produce an extra million or so over a life time.

    The difference between a 21 and a 31 is at least $40,000 at most several million.
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    Follow Mr. Wrights advice and you will NEVER regret it. You will get a lot farther in life by keeping the horse IN FRONT of the cart. Best of luck to you !