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You can grab beer in Belize City when you land and before you catch the boat. I can't speak for how much you can bring, that is up to the boat and resort. They'll have beer for you there and may frown upon you bringing a lot. Grab a bottle of rum in town.

The go to flies in Belize are pretty much listed online. There is not any secret fly. Bones around their love Gotchas and Crazy Charlies. For Permit, olive Bauer crabs are the way to go. Tarpon - white, white and blue deceivers. General salt water like clousers are good too. Some of tarpon around there will take gummy minnows, so get some 1/0 and size 2 chartreuse, blue and pearl gummies. Tan and orange toads, chartreuse toads in 1/0 are also good.

The secret to Belize fish, and permit in general, is dead quiet, calm casts that lay out gently on the water. Stealth and great, quiet presentation are key.

I carry on my reels, rods and some flies when going to Belize. Never an issue. Bring a rain jacket - that time of year storms can pop up.

There is great diving around Turneffe, some of the best in Belize. If you are certified, take some time to dive there. There are great snorkeling spots as well. My wife went diving there while I fished a little further south.

That's lobster season when you are visiting too.

I've never been to Turneffe Flats itself, but I've fished many of the outer keys up and down Belize from Ambergris to Punta Gorda.

Overall, just have fun. The weather could be great and fishing could suck. Or the weather could suck and the fishing could be great. But you'll be on a beautiful island in the middle of the Caribbean - that is hard to beat. And the Belizean people are friendly a fun to be around.
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