Truck Wiring Glitch

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  1. jtgriffin

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    Hey guys,
    I finally got a trailer for my Gheenoe and my truck wiring seems to have a glitch. I get drivers side signal and tail lights but no passenger side signal or brake lights.

    I took apart the tail lights and connections looked good. Then I crawled under and checked the connections. Everything looked good. The screw where the ground is looked corroded. But the green wire going to the passenger side looked good. It was spliced in but looked really tight. Also, I cleaned out the connector pin really good with wd40 and also cleaned out the small converter box good under truck also with wd40.

    Any troubleshooting tips I should try? Could it just be the ground?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. DuckNut

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    Stick a test light in there and see if it comes on. If not your issue is before the pigtail. If it does then the issue is after. Just keep moving the light until it no longer comes on.

    Quick check is to remove both bulbs and switch them making sure bulbs are good.