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Tripletail on bouys

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Went out last weekend and put in some work running bouys, had flies and live shrimp, but it was extremely difficult to get a bite, saw a good number of em especially more big ones than I've ever seen. Took from about 8am-3pm to get my two an 18 and a 24/25. Ran from Ft. Desoto to clearwater twice. I was throwing live shrimp on 1/0 and 20lb flouro and got refused all day except for these two.


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I ran the beach last weekend and hooked two on live select shrimp in the 25” class. Landed one and the second opened a 1/0 circle hook and got off. It was tough to get the eat. Both fish let us present to them several times and I think approaching quiet with the trolling motor helped with that. They only ate when the shrimp was drifted right across their lips. They would turn of the buoy and eat it at that point. First time I specifically fished for them and it was a lot of fun running the skiff around the buoys.

Learned a couple of things: 1) don’t use light wire hooks. Go small but beefy. 2) figure out which way the buoy ropes are leaning and try to run the down-current/down-wind side. Almost caught my prop in ropes that were WAY too long for the depth. 3) the elongated/popping cork shape buoys seemed to be more attractive to the TTs than the spherical ones.

Fun trip and looking forward to doing it again soon. The beach being glassed out with no clouds definitely made it more enjoyable
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