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  1. What's everyone's opinion on the Smart Tabs SX when compared to the Lenco or Bennett tabs? Price and adjustabilty are the obvious ones but shallow water take offs and planing off at lower speeds is what I'm after.

    Any input on any of the 3 listed would be helpful along with the model number you used.
  2. Brett

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    You forgot one

    Minn Kota makes 'em too.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=aac8b0978ed2f592&biw=1280&bih=577

    I've had the electric actuator type and the hydraulic.
    Hydraulics worked great. Pump and reservoir take up console space.
    Because the pump is under the console, it feels quieter.
    Electric actuators make a gear noise in the water.
    Very loud if underwater diving and you hear it.
    Held up well for the 6 years I had the boat.
    Installation is easier with the electric actuators, no filling or priming.

    Tab size should fit your transom space,
    actuators fit the tabs...model numbers...don't remember.

  3. I couldn't find much information on the Minn kota tabs. They don't even list them on their website.

    No one on here has any experience with the Smart Tabs SX? I'm leaning towards them because of the price and then I could get my Hummingbird 597 much much sooner. :cool:
  4. makin moves

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    I have the minn kotas on my copperhead and have been very happy with them.
  5. TheBrazilNut

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    No way would I put those smart tabs on. Save for the Lencos!
  6. cutrunner

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    X 3 for lencos
    Smart tabs are only good if its perfectly flat all day every day. Otherwise , youll be out fishing with your tabs semi down and a storm picks up and now your in 1-2 chop and bow plowing every wave because your tabs cant adjust on the fly.
    No thanks
  7. jms

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    it's bteen my experience,lenco tabs are prone to problems with actuators - electric parts and water,usually don't play well together - i've lost count of the lenco actuators i've replaced - just did 2 a few weeks ago...

    bennetts are tough to beat - simple hydraulics - fill the resevoir - no priming,no bleeding - simply run the tabs up and down a few times.the resevoir/hydraulic unit takes up minimal space...
  8. Where did you find them? I can only find the tabs and not the entire system.

  9. Bringing this thread back up...

    What size Lencos and Bennetts should I be looking at?

    M80? Lenco standard 9x9?

    Im looking for part numbers so I can start price searching.  :cool:

    Edit: Bennett M80 kit 470.00 free shipping.
  10. topnative2

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    call leenco I think they are still in stuart fl

    leenco is the way to go
  11. Copperhead8

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    Mel installed the Minnkotas on my Gen 1 Copperhead. I really liked them and never had a problem with them. Also, they were really cool looking
  12. I'm leaning towards the Bennetts but I'm assuming the M80s, which are 8"x10", are the best fit for my SUV.

    I just got off the phone with Bennett they asked to see the transom, profile shot, and running surface of the hull. Only problem is.... I have no boat. Haha :'(
  13. topnative2

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    B. mentioned noise w/ the leencos-he is correct they make noise
    However, most adjusting is done on the move or just before --moot point on scaring fish

    Unless bennets have changed, they are nothing but trouble....... pumps go bad and leaks and hoses and on on

    Leencos work and when and if actuator goes bad you pull two pins and relace it w/ a new one
    no fuss no muss

    Just my experience
  14. jms

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    after almost 20yrs in the marine biz :

    the amount of problems with bennet tabs has been few and far between - i believe i've replaced 3 mabey 4 cylinders,and a few hydraulic units - due to their mounting in a poor location - seawater draining from the deck onto them....

    lenco tabs - in the last 3 seasons,i've replaced approx 10-12 actuators,2 switches and the tab control unit - this was under warranty still...

    pretty big difference huh ?

    pull the pins and pop a new one on ? what about the harness ? remember that ? in some applications,this is a pretty involved process...

    purchase what you may,i know,i would never own a boat with lenco tabs...
  15. topnative2

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    leenco has retrofit for bennet systems [smiley=1-biggrin.gif]

    flip a coin [smiley=1-beer.gif]
  16. Bennetts for me. I just want to double check the M80s to make sure that I'm getting the most trim tab for my buck.

    On their site they recommend for every foot of boat get an 1" of tab so an 8x10 isnt really following their measurment scheme.  ;D But then again the SUV isn't a very wide boat.

    Also I think Bennetts warranty surpasses Lenco.
  17. TheBrazilNut

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    Most skiff manufactures use Lenco Tabs......

    I would go with the 9"x12"
  18. Tommcgow

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    I went to the Ankona website and looked at the photos of the 17 SUV. What a cool boat! From what I could tell looking at the specs and the photos of the transom the M80s would be what I would install if it were my boat (and I wish it were my boat ;)).

    It will give about the same lift as a 12 x 9 and has a much smaller footprint on the transom, 8" side to side and 10" fore to aft.

    The little fins on the side generate extra lift, and they also limit spray out the sides so a transducer can be close to the Trim Tab and still work.

    Good luck with the boat! If I can be of any help you can reach me at days, nights and weekends :)

    Tom McGow
    Bennett Marine
  19. oysterbreath

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    whatever happen to the minkota tabs?
  20. Tommcgow

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    As far as I know Minn Kota pulled their Trim Tabs from the market, really not sure what they are going to do with them.

    Tom McGow
    Bennett Marine