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trim tabs and hydrofoil?

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Hi I just put on smart tabs and I already have a hydrofoil my boat is a 14-8 palmer critchfield and I got the smart tabs to level the boat while the weight was uneven causeing the boat to tilt and ride uneven, while this helped alittle now when i turn the boat leans more and doesnt straighten out as fast,from what ive been reading i shouldnt use both ?what im thinking of doing is getting rid of the foil and getting regular trim tabs but for now should i try without the foil or just take off the trim tabs?
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Most go to a foil to avoid having to put on tabs, and it is true you usually do not use both at the same time. Generally if the foil isn't a compression type, then the tabs are a better option. Take off the foil and see how it runs before making anymore decisions.

The biggest mistake some guys make is bolting on too many accessories without seeing how each effects the boat first. An example is guys who go out and put on a jackplate, tabs, and a new prop all at the same time, but then can't figure out why the boat isn't running correctly. Best thing to do it make one modification at a time and see how you need to adjust for the next one.
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