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Trim and Tilt addition, couple of questions

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I am looking to add trim and tilt, I have searched here and the options are CMC, Panther, and Bob's. The motor is 85lbs (15hp 2stroke) so the smaller options would be best: CMC PT35, or Panther 35.

MY question is- is one significantly better than the other? I researched a lot, and found people had good and bad for all of the mentioned. I am concerned with CMC after reading they do not offer replacement parts- just a $300 complete unit replacement. The Panther has NO hydraulics which appeals to me as they just use an electric screw drive. Bob's I dont know much about but I dislike that I would have to find a spot to mount the hydraulics (Althought the Action series is all in one, similar to CMC) and Bob's is the most expensive.

Is there really a difference in these units- I know they all do the same thing, but longevity, repair"ness", reliability are all things I am concerned about.

Let me know if you can.
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Interesting. I noticed that the remote pump has the 5year warranty and the Action only has the 1 year. That might be the direction I go. I am a little worried though as I am keeping my boat at a storage facility outdoors. I will contact Bob's and pretty much will not use CMC then. Thanks for the input!
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