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    Michael Monsoor was the young Navy SEAL recently awarded the Congressional
    Medal of Honor (posthumously) for actions in Iraq.

    During Petty Officer Mike Monsoor's funeral in San Diego, as Mike's coffin
    was being moved from the hearse to the grave site at Ft Rosecrans National
    Cemetery, SEALs were lined up on both sides of the pallbearers route forming
    a column of two's with the coffin moving up the center. As the Mike's coffin
    passed, each SEAL, having removed his gold Trident from his uniform, slapped
    it down embedding the Trident in the wooden coffin; the slaps were audible
    from across the cemetery; by the time the coffin arrived grave side, it
    looked as though it had a gold inlay from all the Tridents pinned to it. At
    the reception afterwards, the SEALS were easily identified among the other
    military guests because they had a stack of valor ribbons with pin holes
    above where their Naval Special Warfare Device or Trident had been.

    youtube video is about 10 mins long, the placing of the Tridents happens at
    about the 8:45 mark. Also, at about the 9:00 mark watch for the big guy with
    the long red hair at graveside and listen carefully for a small sound from
    someone in attendance in response to his action.


    Navy Special Warfare Trident insignia worn by qualified U.S. Navy SEALs. Navy SEALs are named after the environment in which they operate, the Sea, Air, and Land, and are the foundation of Naval Special Warfare combat forces. They are organized, trained and equipped to conduct a variety of Special Operations missions in all operational environments. Today’s SEALs trace their history from the elite frogmen of World War II. Training is extremely demanding, both mentally and physically, and produces some of the world’s best maritime warriors.
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    aint a day that goes by that I dont thank god for teh men and women whom volunteered to keep me and my family safe.

    God bless each and every one of you whom served.

    good post btw!

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    Yep. What he said.