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    Hi Everyone.

    I was hoping Dave C or one of the experts on pipe could tell me the difference between "Thermo" and "Harvel" transparent PVC.

    I know there is a huge difference in price, but what else is different. I make underwater lights for shrimping and swordfishing. I have used both types, but can't tell much difference other than price. I buy it mostly from Ryan Herco in Orlando. I am having a small order shipped just to see what size order would create a lesser expense, picking up or shipping. Also the price difference has me confused. (a fairly normal state anymore)

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
  2. Brett

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    "Thermo" or thermoplastic materials are those that can be melted again and again.

    Harvel is a brand name, a manufacturer of thermoplastic pipe.

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    Never really Thought about it ... But Now I Will :) I only use the White Stuff LOL

  4. Frank_Sebastian

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    I called them and spoke with engineering. They said the expensive kind had a higher heat tolerance as well as being UV resistant.

    Thermo-king = $7.29/ft
    Harvel...........= $5.00/ft

    Sure hope the shrimp like the cheap stuff okay.

    One way around it would be to rethink the larger pipe and use LEDs with small diameter stuff.

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