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Transducer placement

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I have a lower ace triple shot transducer and I’m not sure where to mount it. I see where the previous owner had his mounted but I’m concerned it’s too close to the live well. Should I just mount it on the other side of the motor just to be safe?


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That livewell is something that was quite common -years ago. You added a box or boxes to the stern of your skiff, a really good installation had the bottom of each box shaped to exactly match the bottom of your hull so it appeared to be just an extension of the hull - but all you really needed was the bottom deep enough to hold water... The holes you can see at the back of the livewell are actually the drain holes (and they show how much water is actually in the well at rest.... The fun part is figuring out how to have a pressure line pumping water into the well when you're running - so that no pump is ever needed. Here's a photo of my old SeaCraft that only had two or three holes in the bottom of the box, angled forward so that the boxes automatically filled as you ran (in fact the water level in the wells was a good bit higher when running than when at rest - with more holes at the fill line for drainage. All of the holes in my boxes were 3/8" and I had a handful of 3/8" snap plugs so you could leave the wells dry if you chose...

this old photo was before we drilled in the holes for the wells (you had to figure out the exact waterline after installation)... This was in the early eighties when Aman Plastics (Bill Aman) actually had molds for these boxes on hand - SeaCrafts back then were very popular hulls (and I wish I'd never sold mine...). I rarely needed more than one well to hold a few hundred pilchards all day long - no pump needed at all...
About 40 years ago my grandpas boat had these, one day, when they were at the canepatch they came back to 10 gators with noses against the wells checkin out the snapper they had caught. Threw oranges at the gators to scare them off
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