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Hey all. My transducer broke off a while back and since I'm looking to maybe get into some inshore grouper fishing, I'll be needing a new one. Where's the best place to get one? Can I use my existing wiring? I don't want to spend much money...the less the better.

I can post what model my Fishfinder is when I get home.


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Plenty of how-to's on line, including videos.
I never bothered trying to repair a broken coax cable
as salt intrusion is going to result in corrosion inside the coax.
That means resistance and heat build up which can result in false returns.
If I snapped a cable, I pulled out the old cable, removed the transducer
and installed a new cable/transducer assembly. That way I knew
there weren't going to be problems in the long run.
Getting a replacement is simply getting the model number of the unit
and checking the manufacturers parts store for the correct kit.
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