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    I just purchased a used HB and the rims have salt water damage / corrosion.  My question is other than refinishing the stock Ram-lin rims, are there any rims that you would recommend to look at buying instead?  Should I keep the stock rims and refinish or buy some replacement rims - anyone have good experience with buying rims and from where?
    Thanks for any advice / help

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    New trailer wheels are not that big of an expense, even aluminum.  There are lots of available options, all depends on taste.  Just get the same bolt pattern and you're good to go.  I purchased from this site

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    Same ones used by RamLin………….
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    Net I had those on my last Ramlin. And they were pitted and discolored in just a few years. You would get longer service outta some galv ones IMHO. Unless you have a alum trailer. Then I would go for the alum rims. Also steel will bend-cast alum will break. That's why most off-roaders will run steel. If you put in some sketchy ramps this may come into play.
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    Actually my rims were part of a black out package. And were black with the star being brushed alum. I bet when they painted the black areas. They came back and cleared the whole rim afterwards. So my experience may not be the fault of the manufacturer. It as most likely a issue with clear and the anodizing not bonding.