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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by kstovall82, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. kstovall82

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    I will be towing my skiff a lot and was wondering what trailer you would recomend? I live in north GA and will be making several trips per year to the coast and also will be doing a lot of lake hopping since I have so many within 1 hour drive time. I the Ramlin worth the extra $$$$$?
  2. firecat1981

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    You didn't say what skiff it was. Personally I think it's a waste of money to get a fully custom, or very expensive trailer for a light weight boat. If it's a heavy rig then you need something that fits very well, but not usually for a skiff. I've seen guys buy a $3000 trailer for a $2000 hull and it baffles me. Can't say what brand I'd buy up there cause I don't know whats readily available, but most basic trailers have similar designs and features. I've been shopping and pricing alot of trailers lately down here. For a galvanized trailer you should be able to get it for under $800 easily, and a basic aluminum should run you under $1300 right now. I will be picking up my rolls axle aluminum trailer on thursday, with led lights and a jack it cost me $1180. Make sure whatever trailer you get either has LED lights, or buy a set from walmart and swap them out, theres no worse way to start a fishing trip then with glass shards in your hand :mad:.

  3. kstovall82

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    The skiff will be an Ankona SUV 17 cc.
  4. firecat1981

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    If you are having it built just ask Mel what he recommends. I'm sure he can get a fairly cheap trailer and set it up right for your rig.
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    HB and ECC both use Ramlin, and in that situation the skiffs can be dry launched with those trailers. If that is an option with the SUV 17 then I would spend the extra for that trailer. Parts last longer when not dunked in saltwater. I personally like the side bunks that Ramlin uses verse the field goal posts that are on many trailers.
  6. Rooster

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    Check out Tennessee Trailers. They are fairly near to you, I think that they are located in Soddy Daisy (what a name) Tennessee. I have one of their lightweight galavanized models and I thought that it was a reasonable price and good quality. You can see a picture of their trailer that I am referring to on - go to the trailer photo link.
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    Mel has the float on trailers built for the suv 17 and its a sweet trailer and a awsome ride. I have one under the 17 we have and going to order one for the copperhead soon
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    float on coming w/ my suv14
  9. Gramps

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    Float-On with the torsion axle is the tops! The torsion axle is only an option on the aluminum trailers now but I would love to see float-on use them on galvanized.