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Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by suvtillerdriver, Jun 1, 2014.

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    New to boating and I have a many questions. I am getting an Ankona SUV17 tiller with the galvanized trailer (unless I can find an extra $450). I have awhile until they start my build so I'm making a list of questions. Here are a few on trailers.
    1. I need a swing tongue to get everything in my garage, are there problems with having the swing tongue after the winch stand as opposed to before it?
    2. What size ball hitch do I need? and is there an optimum angle the trailer should be in?(I see many adapters to raise/lower the ball height)
    3. Is a transom saver necessary or only for larger size motors?
  2. Alex4188

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    On mine it went hitch/swing arm joint/winch stand- that way you can pull the pin and the tongue is free to swing, if it was set up hitch- winch stand -then the joint the winch strap cranked tight to your boat would not allow you to disconect and swing the swing arm. Standard size ball is a 2" ball. As far as angle- it all depends on your set up my buddys truck needs a drop down hitch attachment, my old suv needed a riser, my current needs a drop down. My recomendation is you should try to set it up where your trailer is level when attached to the vehicle. and when attached adjust your bunks on the trailer so the deck of the boat is slightly angled back. That way 3 things can happen that are needed;  when you pull your boat out of the water and open your drain plug the water will come out instead of going up to the nose of the boat, if it starts raining the rain will run out the back and not fill up the nose which can cause water damage  to items in the boat  or make your boat too heavy if it fills up the nose and damage/snap your trailer, and it makes it easy to wash your boat for the same reason as with the rain...