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Trailer Lights

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This is a beat to death issue but I'm going to post it anyway
My left back light went out after my last trip to Fl and dunking it for 5 days
I've been looking for a tin coated copper harness because the copper wire rots after about 5 years. I'm not putting just copper wire back on there
So I'm going to get a new light and patch it up during fishing season then this Fall I'll tackle this. I'm not a trailer light expert but there's wire on there now I just have follow it and replace it
My biggest problem is finding a tinned copper harness
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I agree 100% about tinned wire. I bought 2 strand 14 ga tinned wire from West Marine right off the spool. Got about 50' of it and made my own harness. Bought two LED lights and it has works great the last several years. I got to agree with everyone that a lot of the problems are associated with the ground. I think if I were to do it again, I would just get 3 strand and run an independent ground to the lights rather than grounding them to the trailer. But either way, get tinned wire, it last so much longer than the non tinned crap they sell for trailer harnesses.
I don't know about you but the copper wire on my trailer for lights is just about toast. Maybe one more year. I found 16 gauge tinned wire on Tiny Boat Nation site. I can get 25yds spools in green, yellow and brown.
So what's the best way to attach the wire to the trailer frame. I know there are metal clips but those don't do well on a saltwater trailer. The guy who rebuilt my trailer put plastic self adhesive but they all fell off
I'm going to rewire my trailer soon as this fall
I learned a great trick from a trailer manufacture about 20 years ago on how to run wire on aluminum channel frame trailers. He drilled a small holes about 2' apart all the way down the bottom of the aluminum channel. Then he inserted a wire tie through the hole, around the wire and back out the hole and then zipped the ends together. I have been doing that ever since.
1 - 2 of 40 Posts
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