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Trailer Lights

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This is a beat to death issue but I'm going to post it anyway
My left back light went out after my last trip to Fl and dunking it for 5 days
I've been looking for a tin coated copper harness because the copper wire rots after about 5 years. I'm not putting just copper wire back on there
So I'm going to get a new light and patch it up during fishing season then this Fall I'll tackle this. I'm not a trailer light expert but there's wire on there now I just have follow it and replace it
My biggest problem is finding a tinned copper harness
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I would replace the system entirely so your lights are never submerged. Have them run up the guide rails on trailer.
I did that with mine. Works great.
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Google is your friend:

Nearly all trailer light problems are due to grounds. I don't agree about wiring where nothing gets wet - its a boat trailer, it is supposed to get wet. Use water proof connections, get something that solves the ground problem, run LEDs.
Good point about grounding. I somehow never could get an acceptable ground through the hitch to my truck chassis, so I made a short jumper using large gauge wire and clamps like you would have on jumper cables and clamp one end on the trailer and the other end to a good ground point on my truck chassis and I haven't had a problem since.
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