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    I was about to buy a Fulton F2 1600lb jack to replace the old worn out jack on my McClain aluminum trailer. The reviews were terrible, so I thought I would check with the Skiff Community for suggestions on replacement jacks. I am willing to spend some money in order to wind up with something that works better and lasts longer than the cheap zinc coated jacks we see on many trailers out there.

    My boat is a maverick hpxt. It's a light boat and the trailer tongue weight is on the lighter side (I can lift the trailer onto the ball without killing myself if I have to).

    Just looking for a better mousetrap. I appreciate any recommendations in what to buy and which ones to stay away from. I am also looking for competitively priced online suppliers.

  2. Brett

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    I like the rack and worm gear style of tongue jacks.
    I've had no problem with Dutton-Lainson jacks over the years.
    Do some on-line searching of the trailer supply websites for price and shipping.

  3. cutrunner

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    Fultons are trash, no matter how expensive.
    the dutton lansing are awesome
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    I bought one of these when they were $20 and was happy. Now I'm kinda pissed that they're $15.

    Although I did have one of the bolts rattle loose and the swivel plate bent a little. Replaced the bolts and used self-locking nuts to fix loosing a bolt again, and found that having the plate bent was an improvement because it keeps the jack from rattling around when its in the up position.