Trade chevy for jeep?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cutrunner, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Ive been casually bouncing around the thought of trading/selling my truck and buying a jeep wrangler.
    Not sure what year yet. I really like the looks of the older cjs, plus the simplicity.
    This will be my daily driver/tinker toy.

    My current whip is a 2004 gunmetal grey extended cab 1500 chevy silverado 4.8 v8.
    Everything works flawless, just a boring vehicle.. Cant make it fast, cant lift it (2wheel drive).

    Or should i just save my $

  2. mhinkle90

    mhinkle90 Let it scream!!!

    If you're going to go with jeep, stay with the older ones. The new ones are garbage. I can't explain to you the amount of problems I'm having with mine (3 alternators, suspension shot, roof leaks, car shuts off, electrical name it) Older ones were built to last unlike these plastic covered new ones. Chevy is a good truck, I'd suggest keeping it and finding a fixer upper jeep to play around with. Just my .02

  3. contenderv07

    contenderv07 I Love!

    if you get a jeep, I would go for one with the inline 6 4.0. BEAST of an engine, and bulletproof. I think they were made from 2000-2006. This is a jeep TJ... I don't think people liked the square lenses on the older ones, and be careful with the cj's.. At least get a 7 since the wheelbase is longer (although still kinda short). Or just spend 45k and get a hemi-fied jeep :D
  4. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    I used to work at a jeep dealership from early 04-late 06.
    I saw a few that were seriously just lemons.. In all the time for work, virtually brand new and well taken care of.
    The inline 6's are good motors, just terribly in-efficient designed.
    I really like the cj's becuz of the simplicity.
    I would probably end up either putting in a 5.3, 4.3vortec (for weight to power), or if icould find or afford a 4bt diesel would be killer.

    I dont want it insanely big 31's, maybe 33's..

    Maybe something with little to zero rust that needs paint.
    I will spray it in Awl grip myself lol.
  5. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Snag: post some pics of your whip

    Also, what size tires, auto or 5 speed and what motor do you have ?
    What mpg are you getting?

    I would like to get what i get now, but with the jeep.
    I think im getting 15 city 19 highway now..
  6. AfterHours2

    AfterHours2 Stripper in my own Mind!

    Keep your truck and get a fixer CJ. They are fun at first but do not make very good daily drivers....
  7. mhinkle90

    mhinkle90 Let it scream!!!

    I have the Patriot not the wrangler but have many friends with the wrangler. Some lifted some stock. I'll get some numbers and pics for you when I can. Heres one of my buddys jeeps he just lifted and turned into a mud buggy. small block chevy with over 14 inch of coils and 56" tractor tires......sicknesssss
  8. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Thats friggin awesome

    Snag so if you have a Patriot, do you have the 3.6 litre engine?
    Cuz thats the one that was very problematic when i worked at the jeep dealership
  9. mhinkle90

    mhinkle90 Let it scream!!!

    No I have the 2.4.
    Still a POS lol
  10. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    x2 American made and you can fix anything with a standard craftsman tool set. Parts are cheap with the very expansive aftermarket croud. You can always find deals and parts on CL.

    The main reason I got went with a cherokee over a wrangler is the fact that I can lock stuff up. Still runs the same I6 motor that is a beast. Tows a skiff like a champ. Kills people when I back up at the ramp because of the short wheel base it works really well with short trailers in backing. The 2x4 is nice. Don't run the 4x4 unless you are in slick conditions or you will distroy your tires and your power steering pump. The short wheel base has a tendency to push the outer tire pretty bad. Real air conditioning is a plus, and a place to hide from the rain.
  11. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    ^ i thought of that as well.
    A friend o mine is selling his cherokee. Its the last year before the grand cherokee 02 i believe?
    Silver, 4x4, black interior, leather, power everything, I6, garage kept.
    110k and he wants 3 grand. (the deal to me)
    Im thinkin about it.
  12. skinny_water

    skinny_water Well-Known Member

    Yes 01.  They had the Grand Cherokee all along.  3k is a good price from a private seller (as long as it already has a hitch on it)!  I am going to be selling my 00' soon after this storm passes for about the same price with 40k more miles. 
  13. WhiteDog70810

    WhiteDog70810 Mostly Harmless

    If you get a CJ5 or CJ7 make sure you have a vehicle that can pick up the slack when the Jeep breaks down.  No matter how good shape it is in, it is probably over 30 yrs old.

    I decided I wanted a Jeep back in college and absolutely would not settle for one of the Chrysler travesties.  I looked around for an AMC Jeep and finally found an '80 CJ5.  I loved that funky old POS. It would climb trees with just 31" BFG ATs.  Sure, I got soaked every time it rained and I inhaled a lot of exhaust, but nothing is cooler when you are 20-something and single.  All that being said, it was a crappy daily driver at best and possibly a death trap depending on what broke next.  It seemed I was fixing something almost every weekend.  It ate the rear inner axle seals on a routine basis, the drum brakes required constant overhaul because they got soaked with differential fluid every time the seals leaked, the engine mounts had to be replaced because they were rotten and you don't know joy until your master cylinder craps out while driving 55 mph toward a stoplight that just turned red.  That is just the memorable stuff.  I finally sold it after I joined the Army because moving a perpetual project every 2-3 years is kinda foolish when I have many interests other than pulling wrenches.  I still miss it though.