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Now that the Holidays are wrapping up I figure I will proceed with a multiple question thread.
Once again I find myself in Cedar Key FL for several months. Surrounded by water and no boat.
1. Anyone within 50-75 miles of Cedar key that owns or knows of the whereabouts of a Towee that I could get a look at? No need for an on water demo. Just a look see. May be considering one in the future.

2.Anyone familiar with the Tahiti Offshore 17 foot Surf Skiff? Nothing I am considering right away but it has caught my attention. Thee are several things I like about it, especially the deep cockpit with considerable freeboard. Hull design seems quite similar to a Boston Whaler or maybe a Scout 17. The original designer of the hull type on the west coast was George Greenough. He apparently was an innovative forward thinking person. Rather interesting guy.
The West coast folks seem to really like the design as built by Anderson Custom Boats in Goleta California. Any Boston Whaler I have ever been in did not really impress me with the ride when things got snotty. So I am wondering what would make a similar design any better, or worse for that matter.

3. If anyone knows of a cheap simple skiff or jon boat type ( not too far from Cedar Key ) that can get me and the little lady on the water please let me know. Not looking for anything special because when we leave the area at the end of February we will be heading to the west coast before returning to the North East. I don't want to tow something across the country both ways. Checked into storage here and it is something I would like to avoid. I prefer not to invest a lot in a boat as I might just have to give it away when I leave. Small motor I can always throw in the back of the truck when traveling. Checked into renting and it definitely is not cost effective for two months.
I sure appreciate it if anyone can assist with the above questions.
Happy NewYear to all.
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Might find a Gheenoe 15-4 highsider on the cheap.
I have a Towee on Long Island if you still need to see one when you head back north. Enjoy the trip.
This just came across my Instagram.
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I have a Towee on Long Island if you still need to see one when you head back north. Enjoy the trip.
Thanks for the offer. I will be heading to the west coast before returning to NY in April. I live upstate from you near the Adirondacks. I think that Towee is going to be at a boat show somewhere near St Petersburg FL in a few weeks. I might be able to get to it.
Crazy Larry,
Thanks, that is the one I was talking about in my previous post. No need for me to research it now.
Checkout craigslist, lots of cheap skiffs to be had. Stumpknocker 14 would be a good one and are usually priced better than gheenoes. I have had both 15'4" gheenoes and a stumpknocker 14 and the stumpknocker is definitely more family friendly.
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