Tojo can appreciate this....

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by St._Sophie_Girl, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. Well.... as of right now UCF is winning 24-23! I don't want to jinx it.... but all you people who doubted the knights can KISS MY.... well you know.. [smiley=tongueout.gif] [smiley=tongueout.gif] [smiley=tongueout.gif]
  2. Welllll... its wasn't a win but..... Damn what a close one!!! 35-32!!!!! WHAT A GAME!!!

    I have a good feeling about this season.. :D

  3. Does it feel like it did when USF beat UCF last year??????
  4. Don't open a can of worms Wes... [smiley=badidea.gif]
  5. Tom_C

    Tom_C Well-Known Member

    Damm good game!!!
  6. Why not? ;D
  7. tojo

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    Was passed out at the time...had to watch the highlights today...not too shabby. I do need to support my alma mater more...