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Tohatsu America Corp. Announces New 15/20 hp Power Tilt Engine

Farmers Branch, TX (September 2, 2008) -- Tohatsu America Corp., distributor of Tohatsu and Nissan Marine outboards, announced today the launch of its 15 and 20 hp Power Tilt engine. This marks Tohatsu’s first 15/20hp engine equipped with a power tilt.

Tohatsu’s newly designed engine improves functionality and convenience with features such as a light and compact power tilt and transom bracket. Available in 15 and 20 inch shaft lengths, this engine is ideal for inflatable, small fishing and pontoon boats.

The 15/20hp engine has a displacement of 351 cubic centimeters (21.42 cubic inches). It also has a forward, neutral and reverse gear shift that offers a gear ratio of 13:28.

The new 15/20 Power Tilt emits ultra-low emissions and meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards.

Tohatsu and Nissan Marine outboards from 2.5-30 hp are four-strokes and those from 40-115 are two-stroke direct injection models using Tohatsu’s proprietary TLDI® system. All Tohatsu and Nissan 4-stroke & TLDI models come with a 3-year limited warranty. For additional information, visit and

About Tohatsu
Tohatsu America Corp. is the distributor of Tohatsu and Nissan Marine outboard motors in the U.S. and Canada. The company is owned and managed by Japan-based Tohatsu Corporation, one of the world’s largest outboard motor manufacturers with distribution in over 100 countries.
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