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Tips on Estero Bay

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Transitioning from the offshore world in the keys to inshore fishing here. Have a 13ft Conch Microskiff that can run in anything. If anyone has any advice on targeting redfish/snook/trout and occasional tarpon when the time is right, let me know.
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current condition of the bay is literally unfishable... check it out for yourself..
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Don't speak too soon BC...We're not even in summer yet and could very well see similar conditions on the river...
I fished yesterday morning up in the North end of the bay, didn't notice any red tide and the water looks clear in a lot of area's which is where we bumped into fish. Saw a good bit of birds working so there's some bait around. We came out from the 10 mile canal and there's still a pretty nasty oil sheen coming out of there with the falling tide, must be a car or boat down at the bottom somwhere...
1 - 3 of 15 Posts