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Hey guys, looking for a smaller skiff in the 14'range to either build or rebuild. Anyone with the Johnsen/Mitchell type hulls that have done casting decks and wide gunnels. How tippy are they? I'm looking at those because of cost but if they are tough to fish with two people I may start from scratch like a conch fish. Any info or suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance and HAPPY BEW YEAR!! Michael
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I also have a no name johnsen/mitchell style skiff that I will give you! I don’t have a title for this one but I believe the hin is on the transom for an LE check.

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Thanks Makin Moves, and Boat Brains. You guys have a wealth of knowledge and your builds have been the reason I joined. My son and I redid a small key west nock off a couple years ago with wood and glass. I want to use these new core materials one day. I have built awesome things out of glass but all for car stereo. Hope yall chime in from time to time once we get started. Thanks, Michael
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