tiny jump starter kit

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  1. Brett

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    Took lunch at the ramp today to enjoy the spring weather.
    While there a gent launched his skiff, parked his truck, came back
    climbed in, and the outboard wouldn't start. Me? I'd get out the pull rope
    and manually crank it over. Not this guy. Pulls out what looks like
    a small gun case, opens it and pulls out this box that looks like
    a portable hard drive for a computer. Plugs a set of connectors
    into the gizmo, hooks it up to his battery, and it fires right up.
    What the heck was that? Walked over and asked. He's a mechanic
    and that's how he jumps vehicles that are dead on the road.
    He says no problem getting 6 or 7 jumps out of the gizmo.


    Never seen one of those before.
    Got home and did some on line reading.
    Who knew? Itty bitty jump start kits. :D
  2. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Damn that's nice!
    Who makes that and how much?

  3. Brett

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    Prices run from $100 to $400

    Plenty to read on line



  4. bw510

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    Cool !I just jump mine off the trolling motor battery with long cables that I keep in my boat.
  5. David_Estes

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    Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!!
  6. swaddict

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    that could come in handy, very innovative