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  1. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    Probably going to piss off a few faithful Gheenoe'rs, as I have been faithful for coming up on 30 years, but I need something is time for a change.

    07 Gheenoe LT25 DHCC Black with 07 Contenental Trailer NO MOTOR
    (First Center Console in the LT25 molds)
    Boat has history, and is famous. Even won the Ugliest Gheenoe this year at rally at Shell Island
    Only needs a motor and controls, steering already in place.
    11gal built in tank
    poling platform
    live well
    dry storage
    Big Beer cooler
    Rigged and ready to fish, just add power.
    trolling motor bracket


    I wont lie, something came up, it fit my needs so I talked with Pugar and he agreed to sell, despite my need for change. Hopefully he will still be a friend after all I have put him through especially over the last few weeks. I will have my new rig up at the Hunt, so be sure to look for me.

    Once again, The Cost Efishnt³ is for sale, and because of the nature of what went down, all dealings will need to be made through Pugar. Call the shop for price as I left it in his hands.
    Hopefully I will see you at the Hunt, or on the water soon.
  2. Lil_Tate

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    So when does your new ECC Caiman arrive?

  3. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    Talk about change, I think this news rivals Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I can't believe both stories broke the same day and CNN didn't pick this up instead... :-?
  4. mark_gardner

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    [smiley=laughing-out-loud1.gif] ;D change is good :cool:
  5. choppercity47

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    I want your boat or a friend of mine to buy it ;D
  6. tguasjr

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    What are ya gettin?