tilt and trim issue

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by nickd89, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. nickd89

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    i have a late 90s early 2000 mercury 50 hp 2 stroke 3 cyl. the tilt and trim arent functioning quite right. the engine will tilt up but not go down the motor sounds like its working but will not move, if i put some down pressure on the engine and trim down the unit will lower. does this sound like the t & t motor is bad or maybe a relay or fuse?
  2. Brett

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    Pump is working, but flow direction won't change... :-?
    sounds like a valve is jammed in the bottom of the pump assembly

  3. cutrunner

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    Check the fluid level
  4. Creek Runner

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    Yep and since it has gotten low your going to need to purge the air from the system.
  5. Brett

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    Can't be fluid level...that's supposed to be checked as part of
    the bi-annual tune up and lubrication procedures
    as documented in the owners manual.
    And everybody adheres to that schedule religiously, right?  ;)
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    Oh Brett if your engine was the only engine I had to work on I would love my Job! ;)